Thursday, March 25, 2010

Reflections: Enlightenment

Today, as I was talking to my coworker about my current Bible study (using "God's Word Today") I came to the realization that I have been truly enlightened by the Holy Spirit all week!
Mostly I have learned a lot about the Passion of Christ. I read of Jesus foretelling Peter's denial (Luke 22:31-34). I read it a million times before. But this time was different. I have learned from previous Bible studies that God gave people in the Bible new names as a "remembrance" of a covenant. When Jesus foretells the denial, he calls his disciple "Simon" first. This was the "pre-covenant" name. He says that "Simon" will deny him three times. Then he calls him "Peter". He tells "Peter" to strengthen his brothers.
"Simon" became a new person in Christ. He became "Peter"(see Luke 5:1-11). Sometimes I think we revert to the "old us" as Simon/Peter did when he denied Jesus. He had all intentions on dying for Him, but when the time came, fear overcame him and he reverted back to his old ways. Sometimes, as new people in Christ, we revert too. We feel deeply in our hearts that we would never do anything to hurt our Lord. Then the "real world" kicks in and we get fearful and begin with our sinful ways. Meanwhile, our Lord is doing to us as I believe He did with Simon/Peter. He is holding out his hand and comforting us. He knows that we will sin, He knows we will turn our backs on Him. But He is willing to take us back. He died so that we may "turn back" to Him and eventually enjoy the glory of Heaven.
Praise the Lord!

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