Thursday, July 9, 2009

Who Am I??

I have been struggling with this question for a long time. I thought that I needed to "find myself" and all that other psychobabble stuff. Truth be told, I already knew who I was the entire time I was "searching".

I am Alicia Hart, Iriquois, Italian, Irish, Catholic, Artist, Learner, Mother, Daughter, Sister, Teacher, and so many more things.

I am also afraid to be powerful. Afraid to be smart. Afraid to be a leader.

I have the power to be ANYTHING. I choose to be me.

I feel like I am inadequate as a mother, as a teacher, as a friend. I feel like I don't love people enough. But often, God shows me that I love people too much. I get hurt by what people say although I shouldn't. If I didn't care, it wouldn't hurt. I have grown SO MUCH in this area! I still love people but I keep my power. Sometimes.

This blog is where I will write down all these feelings that surge through me at times. Things that I feel like others need to know but I have no way of telling. Please follow me in this learning journey as I attempt to tell you who I am and help you to learn who you are!

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