Friday, July 10, 2009

God Never Lets Me Down

The title of this post is the total truth! God has NEVER let me down. He doesn't always do what I tell Him, or what I ask Him, but he always does what is right! God knows more than we can ever know. Trust Him!

I am really excited today because tomorrow I am going to Macon to a Women's Retreat. It is called "Woman's Call to Holiness". WOW! I cannot imagine what they will teach me about holiness. There are so many things to learn on my way to holiness. One thing that I am learning full force is to TRUST GOD.

The retreat costs $10 at the door. This covers the cost of lunch and snacks. A very good price! I would easily be able to afford this on a normal week. BUT this week has not been a normal week.

After hours of labor on July 2nd, Anthony and I removed a leaky radiator from my car. My mom and I drove 15 miles to the junk yard to buy a used one for $75. I barely had $75 but I could afford it if I HAD to (and I HAD to have a radiator!). We waited over 2 hours for the junk yard to remove the radiator from the junk car. We got home and Anthony put it in for me. We turned on the car and went to town for some take out since we had been in the heat for so long. The radiator was spitting coolant and water everywhere! Aggh!!

We called the junk yard and told them that we would be bringing it back the next day. They said that they would refund the money. We called around to get prices on new radiators. They were over $200!! Anthony called O'Reilley's and they gave us a quote of $169. When I went in the store to pay for it, they told me it was $199. I told them that we had gotten a quote on the phone for $169. The manager came and adjusted the price to $179(later we found out that $169 was what THEY pay for it so we got a steal!) That left me with $10 after cleaning out my savings account. I was really upset and thinking of so many bad scenarios. Then I thought to myself. Trust God, He always works things out!

I saved my $10 in my drawer and was happy that I really didn't miss having money so far this week. I needed some clean clothes for tomorrow so I went to get my pants for the wash. I heard some change rattling in my pants and decided to check all pockets before throwing them in the wash. One pair of jeans had some quarters in them. Another pair had a dime and some pennies. Another pair had $17... what?? Now I have almost $20 to get through until Wednesday when I get my next unemployment check. Not much to some people but it was like a million dollars to me. Trust God!

Some things to remember:

"God never changes His mind about the people He calls or the gifts He gives them" Romans 11:29

"If God is for us, then who can be against us?" Romans 8:31

"I will be with you always, even until the end of time" Matthew 28:20

When has God come through for you? Please post in the comments section!


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