Friday, June 17, 2016

Review: VeggieTales: puppies and guppies
I was contacted by the people at fishflix Christian DVDs and asked if I would be willing to review one of their many Christian DVDs. I was more than happy to accept.
When I open my mail box and found VeggieTales: Puppies and Guppies DVD! I was so excited because all of my boys have enjoyed Veggie Tales when they were young.
My youngest son and I pulled out the laptop and put the movie in. This is a new version of Veggie Tales that I didn't even know existed but I'm so glad that I do now. Even though my one year old is a little young for Veggie Tales, he watched bits and pieces (especially the songs!). I also enjoyed watching it and my ten-year-old came in and started watching it with us.
It's a little different from the classic Veggie Tales yet it still has all the important elements. There's a great moral to the story, there are fun songs, and there are familiar characters.
I would definitely recommend puppies and guppies to anyone looking to add to their Veggie Tales collection or start a new one.
Go to fish and order one today! And if you sign up for the email list, you can get a $5 coupon! Visit or text 5-GIFT to 44222!
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