Sunday, July 21, 2013

Book Review: The New Evangelization and You

Are you confused about all this talk of the “new evangelization”? 

Are you looking for new ways to know your faith, live your faith, and share your faith?

Or are you a non-Catholic or fallen away Catholic who is thinking of coming into the fullness of Christ?

Are you breathing? 

Well, if you fit into any of the above categories ;) then Greg Willits newest book is for you! As the new director of Evangelization and Family Life Ministries for the Diocese of Denver, he lives out the New Evangelization everyday. As the founder of several apostolates such as, New Evangelizers, That Catholic Show, and The Catholics Next Door podcasts, he is an expert on the nuts and bolts aspect of actually living out the New Evangelization and this book is truly a blueprint for you and I to do the same.

This book is full of Greg’s signature goofy style that makes him approachable and loveable while his knowledge of the subject makes him a reliable source. This is the perfect mix for the average person who wants to know what he or she can do to grow the Church. My favorite part of the book is at the end when Greg lays out 52 ideas each of how to know, live, and share your faith. The idea is for the reader to attempt to try some of them. He advises that you don’t try all of them at once but he wanted to offer enough ideas for everyone.

This book has inspired me to start my own The New Evangelization and You Challenge where I am going to attempt to post weekly on my blog one thing from Greg’s book that I have tried. I hope that this will keep me motivated and accountable and encourage others to try it too. So, head over to the Catholic Company and grab a copy of this awesome new book and join me in knowing, living, and sharing this beautiful faith that we are blessed to have!

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