Friday, May 24, 2013

Book Review: Encyclopedia of US Catholic History

In my home, I have a shelf of Catholic reference books. On it I have a couple of different Bibles, my Catechism, the US Catechism for Catholic Adults, an Oxford Dictionary of Popes, a few books over viewing Catholic Saints, a bunch of spiritual books that I have read and decided I may need to read again, and now… an Encyclopedia of US Catholic History. This is something all US Catholics should have on their reference shelves at home.

What is inside the Encyclopedia? Well, for starters every single diocese in the US is in this book, along with the names and dates for every bishop who has led that diocese. Every American saint is also located in this work with a brief overview of information about him/her. Famous American Catholics like John F Kennedy and Flannery O’Connor have also been showcased. If that’s not enough, this book also includes some popes and how they influenced American history, many of the Catholic organizations that can be found in America, and an overview of each religious order found in the US. Almost 1,000 pages of information is presented, making this book a perfect reference tool for all Catholics in the US.

My personal feelings about this book are all positive. I love that this book can be read from cover to cover, with the reader finding out almost everything there is to know about the history of Catholicism in the US or you can pick this book up at any time and look up pertinent information. I think this book would be a great addition to a homeschooling history curriculum, using the information inside to connect secular US history to Catholic US history. I recommend that this book be the next one you buy for your Catholic resource shelf at home!

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