Saturday, August 11, 2012

Review: The Day The Sun Danced DVD

"The Day The Sun Danced: The True Story of Fatima" DVD is an amazing animated version of the story of Our Lady of Fatima. The movie follows the story of Fatima exactly as described in various books on the subject. This DVD is completely orthodox and complies with the Church 100%

My boys are not really big on watching television. We have a daily quiet time where they can watch TV in bed  and that is about the extent of their interest in television. My two younger boys both have ADHD and rarely pay attention to the television in favor of video games and real toys. 

To review this DVD, I wanted to share it with my boys, too. I was skeptical about how well they would sit to watch it. Well, the boys sat down with their toys and I hit the "play" button. Next thing I knew, they had abandoned the toys and were watching the movie. At one point, there is a scene inside a Catholic Church. There is a stained glass window with the image of Mary on it. My youngest son said "We have one of those windows in our church!". I love that he made the connection to our church.

Overall, this movie was a wonderful telling of the story of Fatima. My children who flee when I put in a "Jesus movie" were enamored by the story. I plan to purchase more of these DVDs for my children and my cousin's daughter. I suggest that you do the same!

I received this  DVD free of charge in exchange for my honest review from Aquinas and More Catholic Gifts.

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