Monday, August 1, 2011

Book Review: The Digital Mom Handbook

"The Digital Mom Handbook" by Audrey McClelland and Colleen Padilla is a resource for moms who love social media and want to make a living out of it. Thier tips and sucess stories fill the book with a "You can do it!" attitude. The women come across as being energetic and truly want to help other moms make it in the social media world.

I mentioned this book in a post I wrote last month. After reading this book, I was inspired to work harder on my blog and increasing traffic. I am not really interested in making money from my blog but would love to have more subscribers and more opportunities to try out free product. I have seen too many of my favorite blogs deleted from my favorites because they ":made it big" and the blog was never the same. It turned into a daily advertisement instead of a source of inspiration. I know I don't want that!

This book tells moms how to "make it big" in the blogging and social media circles. They give some great insider info and let readers know that it takes a lot of time to become a huge success, sometimes sacrificing family time for computer time. There were dozens of sucess stories in the book. I think that it would have been better with less sucess stories. It got redundant. I recommend this book to moms who are interested in turning thier social media into a business. It is also useful for us novice bloggers to get a few tips, too!

This book comes out TODAY! Click on the picture above to snag a copy for yourself or a friend!

Thank you to HarperCollins Publishing and NetGalley for offering this book to me free of charge!

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