Saturday, March 26, 2011

Divine Mercy For Kids!

Today I'd like to share with you some ideas that I have for a special parish celebration of Jesus' Divine Mercy geared for kids! Many (all) of the ideas came from Catholic Icing's wonderful posts and I will link them as I showcase them!

Ideas for your celebration:
  1. We are going to have a visit from Saint Faustina herself! When I come up with a good script, I will share it if you are interested. I am going to dress up as a nun using the idea I found on Catholic Icing!
  2. The children will make thier own one decade rosaries, or chaplets. Catholic Icing shows how to make one from inexpensive pony beads and pipe cleaners. I am thinking of using twine for the older kids. I bought my crucifixes at Lacy says the cheap metal ones are thin so I chose the cheap wooden ones in hopes of geting a bettter quality.
  3. The kids will color a picture of Divine Mercy and all recieve a Divine Mercy Holy Card to take home
  4. Divine Mercy themed snacks will be offered to the children
  5. I am also planning to create some t-shirts to sell to interested individuals. My idea is to have my design printed on light blue shirts and the rays colored red and grey. I will also post a photo as soon as I get one.
  6. Last of all, I bought a Divine Mercy poster to advertise our parish celebration of Divine Mercy Sunday and ended up buying a package of 10 (they were not available individually) and shipping was REALLY cheap so I am thinking of laminating and sharing these with the REP teachers for their classrooms and/or offering them to the children if they win games or answer questions.

Thanks for stopping by!
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