Sunday, April 25, 2010

Reflection: Older Women

I went to an awesome Convention for our local Diocesan Council of Catholic Women this weekend. If you are a Catholic Woman and are not affiliated with the CCW, you should really look into it!

We had business meetings and some training. We ate and we talked. We laughed and we connected with other women. Many All of the women present were older than me. (they actually gave prizes to the oldest and youngest-that's how I know) I learned many lessons from these wise women. I learned strategies to better the CCW affiliation of which I am the current Secretary. I also learned priceless strategies for my vocation as a wife and mother.
Many times we "younger women" underestimate the wisdom of an older woman. In Titus 2:4, older women are called to "train younger women to love their husbands and their children". Most older women are more than willing to teach us the life lessons that they learned the hard way. They would love to save us from having to make mistakes that are sometimes irreversible. But we, as younger women, must be willing to listen!
What can older women teach us?
  • Mothers of older children- these women can give us information about how to organize our home to run more efficiently, tips on how to help with homework assignments, getting kids to do chores, and finding time for your husband
  • Mothers of teenagers- can teach all of the above PLUS how to find strength when your child begins to grow up, dealing with "attitudes", handling discipline in a new way, and how to get more help from your husband
  • Mothers of College Students- can teach all of the above PLUS how to find strength during the "emptying of the nest", tips on staying engaged with your child when he/she lives away, spending quality time to strengthen your bond with your husband
  • Mothers of Adult children- can teach all of the above PLUS how to let go to your baby, the importance of teaching your child how to take care of him/herself, how to get along with an adult child, and how to help your husband cope with the changes
  • Grandmothers- can teach all of the above PLUS how much you will love having another baby around after your children are grown up, all those mistakes that were as a mom can be corrected when you are a grandma, how to grow older with your husband and still be as in love with each other as your wedding day
  • Great Grandmothers- can teach all of the above PLUS the beauty of seeing your life come full circle as your child becomes a grandparent, the importance of tradition, and how to lose a husband with strength in Jesus
  • Non-mothers- these special women have what no mother will ever have- an outsiders view! She sees all of your mistakes with clarity and she sees all of the things you are doing right with 20/20 vision.
So, please "younger women", if an older woman offers wisdom, do not let the opportunity pass you by! Take the jewels and use them!

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